Orthodox Jewish men and women, typically follow the tenants of Jewish laws, known as, “Halakha”. According to these laws, implemented thousands of years ago, when a woman marries a man they must shave their heads bald. They must keep it that way, for the rest of their lives. Jewish women wear wigs, due to the fact that Jewish laws stress the importance of maintaining one’s appearance. The reason for this specific law, is that is a shaved head, is a sign of modesty, and it is most important in Jewish law, for a woman to only be attractive to her husband. Jewish women wear wigs, to cover the shaved heads, because according to Jewish law, both the heads of men and women must be covered at all times. Doing so, illustrates a strong devotion to god. Many women, opt for wigs made of real human hair, and typically select colors closest to their own natural color. Although that is not a requirement, many do try to stay as natural looking as possible.

There are now, state of the art wigs that cater to this very distinct Jewish clientele. Many women select not only the color closest to their own, but the style too. Many people have reported, that is almost impossible to tell that these wigs are in fact wigs, and not the real hair, of the person wearing them. Gone are the old fake appearing wigs, made of purely synthetic properties. They are much more natural and trendy looking. Some of these orthodox Jewish women work outside of the home, and it’s paramount that their hair is always properly maintained, and presents natural. AS many of the women that do work, must deal with many members of the community that are not Orthodox and not even Jewish. These people are not familiar with Jewish laws and customs, so to facilitate a smoother assimilation into mainstream communities, the authentic appearance of wigs, is a primary concern among women in the Jewish communities that have women wearing such wigs. Thankfully presently there are a wide array of high quality wigs available to these women, to make them competitive in the work force with their non-jewish peers.

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